Simply Fabulous Grooming!

Firstly, thank you for considering me as your groomer, I know how important your fur baby is to you! I have 2 fur babies of my own and they really are part of my family! I am a small one person grooming spa and only take one dog at a time by appointment only and don't use cages. Your dog will get my full attention from the minute it arrives to the moment you collect and because I'm not part of a large salon, I can take my time and only go as fast as your pooch allows rather than having to work to a target. I will treat your fur baby as if they were my own!  

Let's talk about the process. As a general rule, I don't take ad-hoc bookings, all dogs are on a schedule as recommended by the breed standard or the type of cut you require. I specialise in Teddy cuts and Asian Fusion and whilst I can do a clip off groom, that's not my passion, so if that's the type of groom you prefer, I may not be the best groomer for you.


It's time for your pooch to prepare for a high end premium experience! On arrival, your dog will receive a thorough health check, this is where I will physically examine them for lumps, bumps, or anything unusual, then your pooch will go into my XL Purple Paw Hydro bath, this is the Ferrari of grooming baths, it penetrates deep into the coat leaving your dog's coat squeeky clean and massages the skin at the same time. Your dog will receive either a Blueberry facial or a facial for sensitive skin, depending on which option you choose, they will be shampooe'd and conditioned in a coat specific shampoo again based on your choice! I use Mutneys and Melanie Newman, both very high end products, PH balanced to the dog's skin, natural and no nasties! Next they will be rinsed clean with warm oxygenated water followed by a heated essential oil infused chamois wrap which absorbs 90% of the water and reduces drying time. Next they will be fluff dried and cut and styled to your specifications, unless matted, then they will be humanely shaved down. Nail clips and dremel are part of the full groom together with ear cleaning, hygiene tidy and eye tidy.

Every dog is different, just like every person, and not all dogs like the grooming process. The 5 animal freedoms are always practiced, freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury or disease, freedom to express normal behaviour, freedom from fear and distress. Humanity is always placed before vanity, I will always do what is best for your dog first and foremost. I ask that you toilet your dog before drop off as each groom lasts a minimum of two hours.

You can choose from a range of grooming services from clipper/scissor cuts to breed standard and show cuts to full body re-style to Asian Fusion, Handstripping, Deshedding, Puppy University which introduces your pup gradually to the grooming process, mud baths, Cleany Teeth which actually reverses gum disease to Reiki. And... if you want to learn to groom your own pooch, I cover that too!